Supporting the Cairngorms Trust

Now that we are all looking forward again, we’re delighted to be able to highlight the ongoing work of the Cairngorms Trust throughout the hotel.

Recently we caught up with Nancy Chambers, Trust Manager who gave us an update of what the Trust has been up to over the past couple of years…

Over the past few years, the Cairngorms Trust has supported a huge variety of different projects. We have funded community grants throughout the Cairngorms and our two Campaign Projects.  One was based in Boat of Garten and was the nature project down at Milton loch, the osprey nest for the osprey village. The second was a path maintenance project in Kingussie in partnership with Kingussie Community Development Company.

In addition to these projects, we have worked in partnership with the CNPA to fund and delivered the Cairngorms Green Recovery Fund in 2020 – 2021 and 2021 – 2022.  Over two years the Green Recovery Funds have supported 41 projects with over £430,000 of funding. The projects are spread out over the whole of the Cairngorms National Park area.

In the past year, the Cairngorms Trust has independently delivered the Green Change Fund supporting seven projects who strove to make a difference to the Cairngorms with climate change and community in mind. We have also set up the Cairngorms Youth Local Action Group in partnership with the Cairngorms youth action team as a subgroup of the Cairngorms Trust.  They have distributed funds for us to 21 projects through the Cairngorms Youth Fund. The decisions for these projects were made by the young people who make up the Cairngorms Youth LAG who are all under 30. 

From 2022 to 2023 we are planning to have another round of funding for the Cairngorms Youth Fund for projects for those under 30. We are also going to open the Cairngorms Trust Nature Resilience Fund looking at wildflower planting, pollination and nature projects within the Cairngorms. And finally, the Cairngorms Trust Path Maintenance Campaign Fund so that community groups can apply to us to fund repairs to paths infrastructure in their own area. 

Full details of the projects that we have supported and the funds that we are opening can be found on our website

You can donate directly to support the work of the Trust here

And we’ll be keeping you updated about our support and on the projects that are happening across the Cairngorms National Park.

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